Name of Church St. Anne Byzantine

Address 222 E. Foothill Blvd., San Luis Obispo, CA 93405

Phone number (805) 543-8883


Worship Schedule Divine Liturgy Sundays at 10 a.m.  Great Vespers Saturday, 5 p.m.  Also Divine Liturgy is celebrated Tuesday through Saturday, times vary, check the website.

Confessions Sundays, 8:45 – 9:30 a.m. and before Divine Liturgy during the week, check the parish website.

Names of priests Fr. Michael Bezruchka, pastor.   He has served the parish since 2018.

Special parish activities Youth catechesis, educational classes on Byzantine traditions.

Liturgy Liturgies are reverent, mostly in English and entirely sung.  There is no kneeling, parishioners usually stand or sit.  All ages receive Holy Communion; the host is dipped into the chalice with a spoon and administered to the faithful.  

Fellow parishioners Annunciation Byzantine initially began at the request of former parishioners of Annunciation Byzantine parish in Anaheim and its San Luis Obispo site was selected as a halfway point between Los Angeles and San Francisco.  While it began for the parish for Ruthenian Byzantine Catholics, Roman rite Catholics are welcome to attend.  If you register and wish to become a regular parishioner, you can inquire about their unique traditions, fast days and feast days so that you can better embrace their Eastern Catholic spirituality. 

Parking There is ample parking alongside the church.

Additional observations St. Anne Byzantine is a Ruthenian Byzantine parish of the Eparchy of Phoenix in union with the Bishop of Rome, but is an Eastern Catholic rather than Roman Catholic church.  They have the same faith and seven sacraments, but different customs and ways of celebrating liturgy.  It traces its roots back to Constantinople (once called Byzantium).  Two Greek missionaries, Cyril and Methodius, brought the Byzantine way of worship to Central and Eastern Europe.  Some of these Catholics emigrated to the United States, and brought with them the Byzantine rite and traditions.  St. Anne Byzantine began with 25 parishioners in 1986 as a parish mission and became a parish in 1989.  The church is a former Disciples of Christ Church purchased in 1990 and modified for Byzantine worship.