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San Diego pregnancy centers could win but for the expense
Newly elected Supervisor Monica Montgomery Steppe will break tie Dec. 5

San Diego County Supervisor Terra Lawson-Remer has made it clear how she feels about crisis pregnancy centers. In an agenda item introduced at the board’s Nov. 7 meeting, she labeled these nonprofit pro-life organizations “notorious” and “fake,” accusing them of

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November 28th, 2023|

Ohio and Virginia bishops take consolations in election setbacks
At least they know where we stand

Following a string of pro-life losses at the polls post-Dobbs, U.S. bishops in the states that faced 2023 ballot tests and those looking ahead to abortion-related measures at the polls in 2024 remain determined to stand for life. Earlier this

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November 27th, 2023|


Inquiring Minds

Inquiring Minds is a weekly article written by Mary Rose, who boldly ventures to college campuses throughout California to ask hard-hitting questions to some of the world’s most malleable minds.

Synodality in the eyes of its humble San Diego architect
Cardinal McElroy outdoes the Pope in his joy and lessons learned

It is with great joy that I join with you today. For last month’s meeting of the synod in Rome has convinced me with even greater depth that the conversion to a synodal Church constitutes the call of the Holy

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November 26th, 2023|

Best comments on California Catholic Daily November 18-24
Argentine election, George Weigel, Bishop Strickland, sad San Francisco, first Thanksgiving

For you the primary factors in evaluating a parish are the presence of an altar rail and the location of the tabernacle? Really? jon 'Church of the Visitation' 2023/11/18 Our church has waaaaaaayyyyyyy too much personality worship. It’s present in

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November 24th, 2023|
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