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South LA residents worry about a Catholic archdiocese-owned oil well in their midst
Some religious activists have been calling for shutdown of the site

Surrounded by apartment buildings and retirement homes, and less than 1,000 feet from three public schools, an active oil drill site is hidden just behind a green fence and a row of carefully manicured trees. Two gates on either end

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March 24th, 2023|

Calif. priest details ‘catastrophic risks’ in artificial intelligence
Father Phillip Larrey from Mountain View says genie of ChatGPT not going back in bottle

The people behind chatbots are asking questions of priests and ethicists rather than turning to their artificially intelligent creations. They want to know: What is consciousness? What is the nature of humanity? What is the purpose of life? According to

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March 24th, 2023|


Inquiring Minds

Inquiring Minds is a weekly article written by Mary Rose, who boldly ventures to college campuses throughout California to ask hard-hitting questions to some of the world’s most malleable minds.

Notre Dame’s bishop calls out school’s pro-abortion conference
'Not conducting a neutral inquiry'

As the shepherd of a diocese that includes several Catholic institutions of higher learning, it is my unique obligation to teach and bear witness on these important questions, and a recent controversy surrounding the invitation of an “abortion doula” to

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March 23rd, 2023|

Anti-family CA bill passes first committee
Bill threatens to remove children from parents over trans issue

California legislators have introduced a bill to pressure judges to remove kids from parents who won’t affirm their child’s self-determined trans-identity. Just this morning, the bill, AB 957, passed in the Assembly Judiciary Committee with a party-line vote; Republicans voted

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March 22nd, 2023|

Definitive statement from U.S. bishops on gender transition procedures
Catholic health care providers shouldn’t take part

The U.S. Catholic bishops released a statement Monday offering moral guidance for Catholic health care institutions, reiterating that “gender transition” interventions are not to be performed because they do not respect the fact that God has created each person as a unity

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March 21st, 2023|

The Traditional Latin Mass – not the only alternative to bad liturgy
The founding of Adoremus and the Adoremus Bulletin

In 1995, Adoremus Bulletin was founded by three people — two priests and a laywoman. There was also a fourth figure who was instrumental in launching Adoremus — Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, later Pope Benedict XVI, whose profound understanding of and

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March 21st, 2023|
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