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German synod removal of secret ballot scares bishops
Changing baptism records, mandatory gender training for priests approved

Delegates of the German Synodal Way on Saturday overwhelmingly passed measures to change Church practices based on transgender ideology and to push the universal Church to ordain women to the sacramental diaconate. The votes took place on

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Former Calif. Bishop Daly standing firm on confession seal
Successor to Cardinal Cupich in Spokane: 'priests would rather go to jail'

Two states are currently considering legislation that amends mandatory reporter laws to force Catholic priests and other religious clergy to divulge information about sexual abuse, even when the priest learned of the abuse while hearing a confession.

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Bishop Paprocki raises the ‘h’ word with Cardinal McElroy America essay
'It seems to have passed beyond the point of just some private conversations'

Bishop Thomas Paprocki told The Pillar Tuesday that clarifying doctrinal errors proffered by senior Church leaders is a “necessary” responsibility for bishops, and that failing to address errors in Catholic teaching will see them compounded, not abated, in discussions about

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Zelkin law firm claims San Diego diocese moved 291 real estate parcels to avoid payouts
But parishes took control of land before Newsom's Bill 218

A law firm representing alleged sexual abuse victims in California is suing the Roman Catholic Diocese of San Diego, claiming the diocese fraudulently moved around real estate assets in an attempt to hide its wealth and avoid paying child sex

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When Bishop O’Connell wept before the Blessed Sacrament
And when he spoke of the poor's vulnerability to euthanasia and abortion

Los Angeles Auxiliary Bishop David O’Connell, who was murdered Saturday at his home in Hacienda Heights, was no stranger to the National Catholic Register. Here are excerpts from two articles in the Register’s archives. ‘You Could

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