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New Loyola Marymount alumni petition targets use of preferred pronouns
Alumni of LMU call for the Catholic school to stop mandating students to use preferred pronouns tied to gender identity

After learning that students at Loyola Marymount University allegedly were required to include their preferred pronouns on assignments and are given the option to change their name and gender identity, an alumni-led group is petitioning the

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Cal State Long Beach holds Rittenhouse verdict ‘debriefing’ for students
“Counseling and Psychological Services staff will be present”

Noting “Counseling and Psychological Services staff will be present,” California State University, Long Beach Dean of Students Piya Bose invited faculty and students to take part in a “debriefing” of last week’s verdict that found teenager

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California teachers recruit for high school gay clubs
Palm Springs meeting reveals stalking of students' google searches

Members of California’s largest teacher’s union discussed how they “stalked” children to get them to join LGBT clubs and mocked parents who complained about pro-LGBT content in their classrooms, according to leaked files obtained by author

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