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California shuts down San Diego church preschool over mask mandate
Preschool director was also suspended from working with children

Pastors, politicians and families gathered outside a church preschool in San Diego County to protest against California shutting down the school for violating the state’s COVID-19 mask mandate. The church claims it’s being targeted by regulators. 

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Riverside SD lies about teaching Critical Race Theory
Riverside Unified School District spent almost $1 million on "cultural proficiency training"

Despite officials at Riverside Unified School District claiming critical race theory is not taught in the California district, public records, as well as a cursory glance at the district’s website, proves such claims are blatant lies.

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Indigenous Loyola Marymount faculty demand special major
American Indian and Alaska Native students number at LMU has fallen to under 10

Looking beyond LMU’s first observance of Indigenous Heritage Month, three Indigenous faculty, Mónica Cabrera (Qichwa), Ernesto Colín (Masewalli), and Brenda Nicolás (Zapoteco), addressed concerns of identity, student success, and the need for a program or department

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Student’s paper marked down for describing God as male – at a Catholic school
Student required to defend referring to God as male in footnotes to earn points back

A student at a private Catholic university recently had her final paper marked down for referring to God as male and had to defend that choice in a revised version of the paper to get full

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