Pro-life priest reacts to being named on Father James Martin’s shame list
Father Altman recommends Northern Californian blogger's take on "apostasy" of America Magazine editor

The following is an excerpt from a homily by Father James Altman of La Crosse, Wisconsin that was emailed to us:

If you have not yet heard – I myself was not aware until a

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What divided Congress means for pro-lifers
Narrow margins in both House and Senate could keep Democrats from pursuing more radical proposals

With nearly all U.S. House and Senate races decided, Congress will be sharply divided the next two years—possibly undermining the viability of extreme pro-abortion policies.

A Senate majority will hinge upon two Jan.

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Catholic layman explains Trump’s Jewish personality
His language, syntax, and pronunciation are pure BQE — straight out of the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway

At the end of September, Public Discourse published a series of columns about voting for Trump. Or not. Mostly not. Mostly ewww. Brandon McGinley argues the usual yadda-yadda that Christians have no home in either political

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