Abortion and Planned Parenthood-related stories.

Same-sex couple has triple abortion
Twosome decided to travel to California because no one in Arizona would perform a “selective reduction”

A progressive website focused on sharing “good news” faced backlash after posting a now-deleted story of a same-sex couple who underwent a triple-abortion.

The women, who married in Seattle in 2013 before same

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Three networks refuse to run pro-life ad
Ad says unborn are falling victim to outdated laws, asks "Isn’t it time the law reflects the science?”

Three television networks have refused to air an ad from a leading pro-life group, describing it as “controversial” and “unacceptable,” according to a new report.

The Daily Wire reported Tuesday that CBS, CMT

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Planned Parenthood clinics want to keep all protests 300 feet away
Plus proposed laws about insurance, tele-health, and suicide – all to kill more innocents

The California legislature is considering several bills that have deadly implications, especially for vulnerable children in the womb. We urge Californians and non-Californians alike to learn about these proposals, as California is the breeding ground for state and federal legislation.

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Cardinals Gregory, Cupich lead effort to get Archbishop Gomez to stop talk about Eucharist and abortion
Cardinal Dolan pulls his name from letter

A group of more than 60 bishops has written to Archbishop Jose Gomez this month, pressing for the U.S. bishops’ conference leadership to suspend discussion of the subject of Eucharistic coherence ahead of the USCCB’s June

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