Abortion and Planned Parenthood-related stories.

Pregnancy leave bill twisted to include abortion
Bishops sue Biden, Broglio writes Wall Street Journal letter

A law meant to offer accommodations for pregnant workers has been “twisted” to “undermine human dignity” thanks to a new regulation mandating paid abortion leave, according to the president of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, Archbishop Timothy Broglio.

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Newsom’s offer to Arizona abortionists useless
'Only allows Arizona physicians to see Arizona residents who travel to California'

California’s governor on Thursday signed an emergency law to allow Arizona doctors to come to the state to perform abortions for their patients. But Arizona abortion providers are unlikely to participate. Three Arizona abortion providers contacted by

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Kathleen Parker brings up Biden’s fakery in Washington Post
'Biden will continue taking Communion in his little Delaware church'

An op-ed published in The Washington Post Sunday charges that President Joe Biden’s pro-abortion messaging is a sign of “desperation.” “It must be challenging for a Catholic president to make abortion the centerpiece of his reelection

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