Abortion and Planned Parenthood-related stories.

Letter-writing campaign launched by U.S. bishops over vaccines
Catholics encouraged to contact pharmaceutical firms and ask them to stop using cell lines from aborted babies; San Francisco archdiocese participating

A series of letter templates released by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) allows Catholic to contact vaccine makers and ask them to stop relying on cell lines from aborted babies.


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US government bought dismembered baby parts for experimentation
Emails reveal FDA spent taxpayer dollars to buy aborted babies from California-based company

Legal watchdog group Judicial Watch has released new revelations about the U.S. government’s involvement in purchasing the bodies and body parts of aborted babies for research. Nearly 600 pages of documents published by Judicial Watch earlier this month detail the

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Biden administration abruptly reverses abortion pill safeguards
Safety limitations had been in place for two decades

The Biden administration announced April 13 that it abruptly reversed abortion pill safeguards that have been in place for two decades. Since 2000, the FDA has imposed “Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategies” or REMS on abortion drugs, mandating the first of the two-pill regimen be taken in the presence of

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40 Days security guards charged with battery
Contra Costa County District Attorney’s Office filed misdemeanors against security guards for altercation outside Walnut Creek Planned Parenthood

Two private security guards hired by an anti-abortion group face charges of battery and illegal possession of tear gas following an October 2020 confrontation outside a Planned Parenthood clinic in Walnut Creek, the Contra Costa District

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Judge imposes permanent ban on release of David Daleiden’s undercover videos
Judge Orrick doesn't want public to see footage of abortion conferences

Thomas More Society attorneys are preparing to appeal a decision issued in federal court on April 7, 2021 granting the National Abortion Federation summary judgment and a permanent injunction in their lawsuit against undercover journalist David

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