Chapel Hill, Shandon, CAName of Church Chapel Hill

Address Although the church is open to the public, it is located on private property and has no address.  Take the CA-46 east from Paso Robles, take the Shandon exit (W. Centre Street) to McMillan Canyon Road; it is off McMillan.

Phone number Call (805) 238-7110 for information.  It is the number for the Clark Company of Paso Robles, but they’d be happy to give you information.

Website None.

Mass times Most Sundays, 8 a.m. (Spanish) and 10 a.m.  The priest-celebrant varies; the church operates under the auspices of St. Rose of Lima Church in Paso Robles.

Confessions See the St. Rose confession schedule, or make a request.

School No.

Fellow parishioners Primarily residents of Shandon, some tourists.

Parking For Sunday Mass, you can drive up the back road and park by the church.  At other times of the week, you have to park down below and walk up a steep hill and through a couple of archways to the church.

Acoustics Fine.  In fact, classical concerts have been held in the church.

Cry room No.

Additional observations  Chapel Hill is a privately owned chapel in San Luis Obispo County.  It was built by Judge William Clark who served on the California Supreme Court and as National Security Advisor and Secretary of Interior with the Reagan administration in the 1980s.  He was a practicing Catholic, as well as an attorney and rancher.  He built the chapel on the hill above his ranch as a gift to the community.  In 1988, Clark, who was a pilot, was nearly killed in a plane crash when the plane he was piloting was caught in a strong crosswind shortly after takeoff.  The plane crashed beside the runway, nearly missing a fuel storage unit.  A ranch hand pulled him from the wreckage, and though seriously injured, Clark survived.  He resolved to build the chapel in thanksgiving to God for his life.  For much of his adult life he was an enthusiastic supporter of Thomas Aquinas College in Santa Paula.  Clark died August 10, 2013 at age 81.  Clark’s son, Pete, continues his father’s business interests and maintains the chapel.  Chapel Hill is built in the mission style; some of its interesting features are a rose window behind the altar, the “river of life” pattern on its entry doors, bell tower, elaborately detailed Spanish ceilings and many other beautiful details.  There are no buildings surrounding it; it sits alone on top of a hill.