The following is a message from the Helpers of God’s Precious Infants, a pro-life group in San Diego:

Dear Pro-life friends,

A number of people going into Planned Parenthood will tell a sidewalk counselor they are there for something other than an abortion in order to avoid a difficult and awkward conversation. Sometimes they pause to listen anyway, drawn to the truth without having to admit their intentions as they go in. Such may have been the case one morning during Easter Week.

The counselor began walking with a couple who had parked and were heading toward the Planned Parenthood entrance. The counselor explained the resources available for women in a crisis pregnancy, and that Planned Parenthood was in the business to make money, and did not really care about their well being. The woman did not slow down to listen until the counselor began to describe the abortion procedures. The boyfriend cut in and asked, “Doesn’t this place also use the baby parts for research?”

The woman said they had just had a child, and were there to have their unborn baby checked out. They went inside, but quickly came back out about two minutes later, which was obviously not enough time for them to do any test or procedure. The woman smiled at the counselor as they left.

Later that morning two other cars arrived, but quickly turned around and left before the occupants went inside.

Please pray for this woman, and all women who come to Planned Parenthood considering an abortion.

The following is another account from one of the sidewalk counselors:

I had a long talk with a 17-year old who already had a 9-month old baby and was pregnant. Boyfriend wanted her to keep the baby, her mom said she would support whatever she decided. She said she would not do a surgical abortion, but seemed to think the chemical abortion was not going to be as traumatic, and was open to having the abortion pill. I explained how the abortion pill was just as bad. She went in to find out how far along she was, but came out after a while and said she chose not to have the abortion.

I also had a 20 minute talk with a rape victim who was 18 weeks, and thought I had convinced her to go to CAPS up the street, as she seemed to agree that having the baby and placing it for adoption would turn a bad situation into something positive. She said she wanted to go in to see the results of a previous blood test for anemia, but was inside for more than 2 hours and I don’t know what happened, as had to leave. It was very busy from about 8:45 on, and the lot was full by around 10, so I pray that the long time in was due to over-booking, rather than the laminaria preparation for an abortion.