Dear Pro-life friends,

Early in the morning a young couple walked up to enter Planned Parenthood. The young man stood at entry door, while a short distance away, the young woman stopped to take literature from the counselor. As the counselor briefly talked, the woman was intently reading the literature given to her. After a few minutes she looked up at the counselor and said, “Wow, abortion is really bad.”

She then went on to tell the counselor she was raped, but also thinks that the baby could be her boyfriend’s, who abuses her. The counselor urged her to consider calling Lamb of God Maternity Home as well as two pregnancy support centers in the area.

She said she was there just to get a test to make sure she was pregnant. The counselor offered some kind words to her and she walked away to join her boyfriend and went in. They both came out just minutes later and left. It was unclear why they were leaving, but they were not inside long enough for a test, or even to fill out paperwork.

Please pray for this young woman who is in a potentially dangerous situation, and pray that she will call the many services she was offered to get help for her and her unborn baby.

God bless,

The sidewalk counselors of Helpers of God’s Precious Infants San Diego