The following is from an email sent by the sidewalk counselors of Helpers of God’s Precious Infants San Diego:

Dear Pro-life friends,

As a couple came up the driveway, the husband immediately noticed a sign regarding abortion pill reversal. He inquired to the two counselors what that meant. The counselors explained, and then he proceeded to tell them that they were at PP earlier in the week and got the laminaria sticks inserted (a procedure done to dilate the cervix prior to having a surgical abortion) as his wife was four months pregnant. They regretted this decision and told the counselors that they went to the ER, but they would not remove them. The counselors urged them both to go to COLFS to have the sticks removed.

However, they remained unconvinced for some time that this was safe, fearing she could go into labor. They decided to go into PP to get more information. About 15 minutes later the father came out and said they were told the sticks couldn’t come out. The counselor assured him that babies had been saved with the sticks taken out. This back and forth of the father going in and out of PP went on for at least an hour. A relative of his arrived and tried to convince the man to get her out. After quite a while the young woman finally left with the relative, saying they were going to COLFS. While they left PP without having an abortion, they never made it to COLFS that morning, so we pray that they sought help elsewhere for their baby.

About an hour after the first couple arrived, another couple in their early to mid-thirties got out of an Uber. The woman looked to be in some distress.  One of the counselors walked up to them and offered a pamphlet of information. The man took it, but she insisted that they go in, and wouldn’t talk with the counselor. He said he’d talk on the way out. He later came out and was asked by the counselor if his girlfriend had come for an abortion. He said “Yes”. The counselor asked if it was a pregnancy crisis due to finances, relationship issues, or lifestyle pressures. He said it was a lifestyle problem. “Is this something you want? After all, this is your child too. You can go back in there and ask her to come out.” “No”, he said, “I can’t do that to her”. She was 16 weeks along, and had the laminaria sticks put in earlier in the week, and they had come back to have the surgical abortion. The counselor asked him to put out his hand and she put a little 12-week fetal model in his hand and said, “Your baby is just a little bigger than this one”.

He looked at it and quickly gave it back. He said he couldn’t talk anymore and took off running across the street. About 30 minutes later, he came back and asked to talk with the counselor again. They were having some crisis issues. The counselor told them of all the resources available for free, and that she needed to call another counselor to see if there was help with a particular issue. The other counselor confirmed that they could get the help they needed. The man still seemed to be on the fence about going in and bringing his girlfriend out. The other counselor who was still on the phone offered to talk to the man to give another perspective. After talking on the phone for a bit, the man called his girlfriend, who was still in the clinic, and persuaded her to leave. The counselor on the phone offered to drive the couple to COLFS, and arranged for an appointment with the doctor there to remove the laminaria to save her baby. While waiting for the ride, the woman asked if it was really true that there was all of this free help at the pregnancy resource centers discussed by the counselors. The counselor assured her that there were hundreds of volunteers who are involved to make sure that she and her baby would be protected and well cared for.

About 40 minutes later, she went into COLFS and had the sticks removed, and later counselor who drove them there reported they were all enjoying lunch together. God is good!

God bless,

The sidewalk counselors of Helpers of God’s Precious Infants San Diego