Dear Pro-life friends,

A car pulled up right behind the sidewalk counselor. She only saw a man in the car and so she didn’t think to approach him. But he came out of his car and approached the counselor.

He said, “Is this place closed?” The counselor responded, “No, it’s open. But I wouldn’t recommend going in there.”

He was puzzled, “Why?”

She showed him a brochure with the pre-born baby photos in development stages and said, “They kill babies.” He said, “Oh, oh, oh…”

Then he left to open the car door to the backseat and started talking to a woman in either Russian or some Eastern European language. The counselor thought, “Oh shoot, I’d better start praying!” Then he and the woman came out to the curb and the young woman stood right next to the counselor while her boyfriend proceeded towards the entrance of Planned Parenthood.

The counselor began to tell her that there is help available for women in these situations, including maternity homes which house women. Her eyes got big and she said, “Oh, let me see!” The counselor handed her a card with information about Lamb of God Maternity Home. She then gave the woman a brochure with photos of pre-born babies in development stages and explained that at 10 weeks, the baby already has a heartbeat, etc. Then the counselor explained how the abortion pill, vacuum aspiration, and D&E abortions happen, and depending how far along she was, Planned Parenthood would recommend one of those. Her eyes got big a couple of times while the counselor explained the abortions and her boyfriend became impatient, shifting a bit and trying to interrupt.

Lastly, the counselor shared a personal story about a woman who was single, and pressured to abort. She chose life instead, becoming a single mom, but eventually married a relative of the counselor who adopted the boy as his son. The woman listened throughout the entirety of the counselor’s explanation, without motioning to leave or saying anything.

Finally, the boyfriend said they had to go in, so she left with him to go inside. Only a few minutes later they came back out and sat on a bench, mostly silent and exchanging a few words.  The counselor stood there praying and the woman glanced her way. A short time later, she got up and the two walked to their car and left.  The counselor wished them a great day as they were leaving. They didn’t say anything, but the boyfriend nodded to the counselor.

Please pray for this woman to continue to stand firm in her choice to give life to her unborn baby.

God bless,

The sidewalk counselors of Helpers of God’s Precious Infants San Diego