Name of Church St. Anne

Address 11211 Moorpark Street, North Hollywood CA 91602

Phone number 818-761-2034


Worship Schedule Sundays, 8:45 a.m. Orthros.  9:15 a.m. English Liturgy, 11:40 Arabic Liturgy.  Daily, 8:30 a.m. English Liturgy.  The parish has a dress code.  Women are asked to cover their shoulders; no shorts or flip flops for men.

Confessions Before and after liturgies, by appointment.

Names of priests Father Albert Wehby, pastor.  Father will soon retire, however, and be replaced by a priest from Chicago.

School No parish school, but there are Sunday school classes for children.

Special events The parish festival is held each year at the end of September.

Special parish groups Agape, Senior Club, Women’s Circle, St. Anne Melkite League, youth and young adult groups.

Liturgy/Music The liturgy is sung, in English or Arabic (with some Greek).  No instruments (with the exception of an occasional violin).  The church is known for its outstanding choirs.

Fellow parishioners Originally founded to serve those of Middle Eastern descent (e.g. Syrian, Lebanese or Jordanian), today it is the spiritual home of many Anglos and Filipinos.

Parking No problem.

Acoustics  Good.

Cry room Yes.  There is a side chapel for children that is separated by glass from the main church.

Additional observations  St. Anne Church was founded in 1909.  Services were first conducted at a Latin-rite parish in Los Angeles; the current church at its North Hollywood location was built in 1965.  St. Anne is part of the Melkite-Greek Catholic Eparchy (diocese) of Newton, Massachusetts, which includes the entire continental U.S.  It is in union with Rome; its worship is according to the ancient Byzantine liturgy. Parishioners either sit or stand; there is usually no kneeling.  Services have a lot of incense.  There are many icons, which are considered windows to heaven, throughout the church.  In the front of the church is an icon screen; the other side is considered heaven on earth. Parishioners receive Holy Communion on a small spoon after the host is dipped into the chalice.  Also, all the baptized receive Communion, even small children.