The Medical Board of California has announced that 77-year-old Dr. Donald Clyde Willis, a contract abortionist for Bakersfield’s Family Planning Associates (owned by Irving Feldkamp), will surrender his medical license on November 25.

Willis’s official surrender was the result of a Medical Board Accusation against him for gross negligence and repeated negligence against several women patients.

One woman, 23 years old, who went to Willis at Family Planning Associates to have her 11-week-old baby aborted, became very unstable, and  911 was called. The hospital found that she had been perforated and suffered a massive blood clot and cardiac arrest.  A total hysterectomy had to be performed to save her life.

In another case in 2017 Willis was aborting a 14-week-old unborn baby and caused a tear in the mother’s cervix with subsequent blood loss of 200 ml on a morbidly obese woman. When Willis was unable to tell if he had decapitated the baby, he removed the head. An ambulance was called, and the hospital handled matters.

Prior to coming to California, Willis worked in Alaska and Oregon. In Oregon his license was placed on voluntary limits when the Oregon medical board found that Willis had tried to commit suicide with a bullet to his forehead. He was committed to a psychiatric hospital for three months. After he agreed to the voluntary limits, Willis decided to move to California where the Medical Board granted him an unrestricted license despite the serious problems and discipline in Oregon. Irving Feldkamp  signed him up to commit abortions at Family Planning Associates.

The above is a California Catholic Daily exclusive by C. Topeth.