Abortionist Donald Clyde Willis, M.D., 77, who works for the Family Planning Associates abortion chain, has been accused by state authorities with harm against three young women.

On August 7, 2020  Willis  was accused by the California Medical Board of gross negligence, repeated negligence and failure to maintain adequate and accurate medical records. In each case, Willis so botched the abortions that the woman bled and had to be sent by ambulance to a hospital in Bakersfield.

Prior to coming to California, Willis was licensed in Alaska and Oregon. In Oregon his license was placed on “voluntary limits.” The Oregon state medical licensing board found out that Willis had tried to commit suicide in 1993 with a bullet to his head and was committed to a psychiatric hospital for three months. After he agreed to the voluntary limits, Willis left Oregon and went to California, where the state medical board gave him an unrestricted license.

In one of three cases in 2017 Willis was aborting a 14-week unborn baby and caused a tear of the mother’s cervix with subsequent blood loss of 200 milliliters by the mother. Willis called an ambulance and was unable to tell if he removed the baby’s head or if it was still stuck in the uterus or vagina.

Willis currently says that he works at Family Planning Associates in Fresno and Modesto and does not do surgical abortions.

Family Planning Associates is owned by Irving “Buddy” Feldkamp, M.D. and is headquartered in San Bernardino.

The above is a California Catholic Daily exclusive by C. Topeth.