Both of these happened during the second week of October.

Earlier in the week:
Soon after the pro-life counselor arrived, he noticed a woman in her early 20s who was a short distance away on the sidewalk, crying and calling someone on her phone.

She crossed the street and was walking around, upset, and talking on her phone. She came back across the street and the counselor asked her if she was OK, and if she was heading into the abortion center. She said she had gone in earlier to have an abortion, and then changed her mind. She started crying and saying over and over again “I couldn’t do it!  I couldn’t do it!  It’s not right!  It’s not right!” She said she felt so bad she wanted to vomit. The counselor tried to console her, and began praying for her.

The person that she was on the phone with was her boyfriend (or ex-boyfriend) that dropped her off, but would not pick her up when she changed her mind about the abortion.  He had a child with another woman and did not want another child.  The counselor offered her a ride, but she said she already called a taxi.  However, when the taxi arrived, the driver would not take her because she did not have a mask. The counselor pulled an extra mask from his car and gave it to her, and she was able to leave in the taxi. She is from another county, so the counselor gave her contact information for a pregnancy resource center where she lives.

Later in the week:
There was save this morning around 8:20 a.m.  A black man in a nice BMW pulled into a street parking spot just before the  driveway.  A blonde white woman in her mid 20s in a turquoise top, white shorts, and white slippers had the passenger door open and was half in the car, half out of the car and talking with the black man in the driver’s seat for about five minutes before she exited the BMW, which drove away, and she headed towards the clinic entrance. I gave her some literature and let her know there are better options if she is interested. She did not go in, but instead spent a few minutes reading the literature, sat on one of the benches outside the front entrance and appeared to make one or more calls and was talking with one or more people for about 10 minutes. She then went into the clinic and left less than five  minutes later. She walked out to the sidewalk and the BMW came around the corner and picked her up. The man in the BMW honked and waived at me as they were leaving and gave me the peace sign. My guess is that when they were parked outside and talking earlier, he was trying to convince her not to get an abortion and she ended up changing her mind. Please pray for this couple.

The first incident comes from an Oct. 15 email from Helpers of God’s Precious Infants.