Name of Church Mission San Javier
Location 22 miles inland from the coastal town of Loreto, Mexico in southern Baja California. Much of the road to San Javier is paved, but a portion of the way is still on dirt roads.
Mass times Wednesdays, 3:00 p.m.
Confessions Before and after Mass.
Names of priests Father Pablo Gomez, a parish priest from the Mission of Our Lady of Loreto, drives in weekly for Mass and confessions.
Music The congregation sings.
School No
Fellow parishioners The church serves the town of San Javier whose residents have been living there for generations. The townspeople farm and raise livestock and cater to the smattering of tourists who make their way up to see the mission.
Parking Ample.
Acoustics Very good.
Additional observations Mission San Javier was established by Jesuit priests in 1699. It is located in a valley in the Sierra de La Giganta (a mountain range). Construction of the current church began in 1744, and was completed in 1759.

The area around is desert; the priests first had to build an aqueduct to capture enough water to sustain the small community. The priests planted crops and began raising livestock. Along with the priests were soldiers, which protected them from the sometimes hostile local Indians.

The church is built of stone, brought in from the surrounding areas. Walls are as much as seven feet thick, keeping the interior of the church cool during hot summers. The insides are decorated with Spanish and Italian art which is older than the building itself. These include oil paintings and statues. The church has glass windows, not often found in early mission churches.

The church is named for St. Francis Xavier, an early Jesuit known for his missionary work in India. The church is an architectural gem, one of the best preserved in the region, and draws many tourists each year.