A couple who looked to be in their 20s arrived at one of the Planned Parenthood locations last week while two sidewalk counselors were standing out front. The couple was well aware of why the counselors were, but ignored their offer of information and help, and proceeded into the center. The boyfriend came back out a short while later, again ignoring the counselors, and went back to his car.

However, about an hour and a half later, the woman walked out to the counselors and said, “You guys won. I couldn’t go through with it.” She did not stop to talk, but after getting into their car and starting to leave, the counselor motioned to the passenger window, and the driver paused the car and opened the window. The counselor gave them information on a nearby pregnancy resource center and told them that help was available for them. The woman thanked the counselor and they drove away.

Every life is a gift from God. This simple story from last week exemplifies how peacefully standing up for life in front of an abortion center can make a difference at that critical moment for a woman in crisis.

The above was part of a Feb. 23 email from the Helpers of God’s Precious Infants in San Diego.