Catholic schools, public universities, etc

Only Thomas Aquinas College dodges objectionable insurance in Calif.
USD, LMU, Santa Clara, USF plans cover abortion and trans treatment

…The University of San Diego, a Catholic university founded in 1949 by religious from the Society of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, recently drew critical attention in the media for its student health plan, which covers abortion and transgender procedures.

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Leave Our Kids Alone marches on L.A. schools headquarters Tuesday
Point to Chino Valley and Murrieta school districts regarding parental notification

Leave Our Kids Alone stands united with diverse parents across California to represent concerns about oversexualized school curriculum, orchestrated weaponization against parents and school districts by the CA state government. Recent events in various school districts have highlighted the need

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Murietta Valley joins Chino Hills in notifying parents of transgender trouble
California Attorney General Rob Bonta goes on attack

Parental rights advanced last week in deep blue California, as another school district required teachers to notify parents if their children begin to identify as transgender. The school board of the Murrieta Valley Unified School District adopted

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Calif. schools head Thurmond asked to leave Chino meeting
He cites 'vulnerable students whose privacy is being taken away'

State Superintendent of Schools Tony Thurmond was told to leave a school district meeting in Southern California after expressing his opposition to a policy that requires administrators to inform parents if their child identifies as transgender. Thurmond

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