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San Bernardino priest discovers his COVID-19 Project
Fr. Leonard DePasquale of St. Bernardine Parish uses idle time repairing heavily damaged pews

In the first few days after the COVID-19 pandemic was declared and he was sheltering in place, Father Leonard DePasquale enjoyed working a few jigsaw puzzles with his idle time. Then he got a better idea.

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Marin parish uses COVID shutdown for renovations
“If we stand by and do nothing about this current reality, I am afraid there will not be a future for Our Lady of Loretto Church”

For Our Lady of Loretto Parish, the closure of its church to public Masses from March to October had a silver lining; it expedited a planned-for church renovation that done later, would have taken longer and been

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Amy Coney Barrett worries IVF doctors
American Society for Reproductive Medicine fear new SCOTUS member could harm their $25 billion dollar industry

Fertility and Sterility, the voice of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, has blasted President Trump’s nominee [and as of October 26, confirmed Justice] for the US Supreme Court, Amy Coney Barrett.


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