A large crowd gathered at the Cathedral of Christ the Light in Oakland on the evening of November 21 to voice their frustration and anger over the results of the presidential election.

The event, “United We Stand in Prayer and Solidarity”, was sponsored by the Cathedral of Christ the Light, Catholic Charities of the East Bay, Diocese of Oakland Office for Life and Justice, and Oakland Community Organizations (OCO), a member of Soros-funded PICO.

The Facebook page for the Diocese of Oakland Office for Life and Justice publicized the event, telling people “no matter your immigration status, race, religion, gender, or sexual identity, let’s come together to pray and stand with each other and against the proposals made during the election that target so many people in our community.”

Congresswoman Barbara Lee was among the speakers at the post-election rally at the cathedral. Lee, a former community worker with the Black Panther Party, was the focus of last year’s The Establishment article “Rep. Barbara Lee Speaks Out About Protecting Abortion Rights” in which she stated that she has “been working on (the right to abortion at the federal level) for years.”

Not only is Lee at odds with the Catholic Church’s stance on abortion, she has received a 100% approval rating from pro-gay marriage Human Rights Campaign, and a 0% approval rating from Catholic Advocate and the Christian Coalition of America. In 2012, a Think Progress article named her “statistically the most pro-LGBT member of Congress”.

“Just like the majority of people in the city who did vote for Hillary Clinton, I felt the anger, the shock, but after a day or two I said, ‘You know what? I’m going to fight back,’ ” Lee said at the protest.

Father James Matthews, cathedral rector, told the audience that “love is stronger than hate … No matter what happened in that election, nothing has changed for any of us.”