This photo was taken in Yuba City, CA, when a young woman came to the Planned Parenthood abortion business, seeking the Chemical Abortion Pills to end the life of her baby.

She was young and having difficulty with her family. Her boyfriend had left for Alaska and housing was not secure.

Desperate, she thought abortion was her only choice.  Because the young woman was 10 weeks and 3 days along in her pregnancy, which is beyond the 10 week cut-off for the Chemical Abortion Pill,  Planned Parenthood in Yuba City wanted to send the young woman to Sacramento for a surgical abortion.

Fortunately, JC was there praying and Sidewalk Counseling.  She offered information to the young woman about A Woman’s Friend Pregnancy Clinic   They talked.  With love and support, the young woman changed her mind and chose life for her baby!  What a difference your prayers can make!  She is now getting the help she needs, even going to church with JC!

Find your nearest 40 Days for Life, to help more women choose LIFE for their babies!

From Californians for Life News.