SB 24, the Campus Chemical Abortion Mandate, was featured in the National Review article “Counting the Cost of Gavin Newsom’s Abortion Pledge”.   Your Assembly Member needs to hear from you!


The Letter of Opposition to SB 24 campaign has been so very successful!! Over 5,000+ Letters have already been received from all over the state, but we need yours!  Please send your Letter today!

We will deliver SB 24 Letters of Opposition to the 18 Members of the Assembly Appropriations Committee, who will be voting on SB 24 this Friday!   You can email yours today!  Just download the Letter, fill it out and then scan and email your Letter of Opposition to

If you have collected Letters from your Church, please mail them today to this address:

Californians for Life

P.O. Box 642

Pleasant Grove, CA 95668

NOTE: We will be accepting Letters through September, when SB 24 will be voted on by the full Assembly, so please help organize your church to distribute and collect the Letters!  It isn’t too late!


GREAT NEWS!  The California State Department of Finance, which serves as Governor Newsom’s “chief fiscal policy advisor”, has issued their report OPPOSING SB 24,  due to the financial burden this Abortion Mandate will place upon our public universities, necessitating either raising Student Fees or using General Fund money to pay for these on-campus Chemical Abortions!  See theCalifornians For Life Press Release at this link for details.  We need to make sure the Assembly Members and Governor Newsom heed the advice of their Department of Finance, rather than just promote more abortions!

SB 24, authored by Senator Connie Leyva, pro-abortion Democrat from San Bernardino, will force our public university campus student health centers to distribute FREE Chemical Abortion Pills, killing 500 BABIES EACH MONTH, according to the legislative analysis.

Here are three action items you can do to save lives, help women, and be a voice against SB 24:


  1. Print out copies of this Letter of Opposition to SB 24 and distribute the Letter at church with your Pastor’s approval for people to sign. Get your friends and family to also sign this Letter opposing SB 24.  Here is the  Pulpit Announcement and Volunteer Instructions, and Letter of Opposition to SB 24 to print, sign and mail.
    Here is the SPANISH Letter of Opposition and  SPANISH Pulpit Announcement If you have already sent your letter, THANK YOU!  Please help your friends, family, and church community send in their own Letters!
Here is a photo of the Letters of Opposition to SB 24, with Letters sorted by Assembly District spread out on the left and Saturday’s incoming mail on the right, waiting to be sorted!
Good News: We have had amazing response from all over the state, but these communities are superstars: Vacaville, Fairfield, Simi Valley, Santee, Lincoln, Madera, Modesto, Newbury Park, Simi Valley, Yorba Linda, San Juan Bautista, Spring Valley, El Cajon, and Hollister!
Bad News: We have received very little response from the Los Angeles area, where most of the pro-abortion Democrat Assembly Members are located.  Please send your Letters right away!
  1. Call these Members of the Assembly Appropriations Committee ‘and urge them to vote NO on SB 24.  Here are the three priority calls to make:

[caption id=”attachment_40296″ align=”aligncenter” width=”1024″] Connie Leyva[/caption]

Call Democrat Assembly Member Lorena Gonzalez from San Diego who serves as Chairperson of the Appropriations Committee.  She is Catholic, despite her pro-abortion voting record.  Please call her and urge her to vote NO on SB 24.   916-319-2080.

If you live in San Diego, please call her local number 619-338-8090 or visit her office. 

Call Democrat Assembly Member Cottie Petrie Norris from Orange County.  She is endorsed by Planned Parenthood, but represents a pro-life region of our state.  She needs to hear from pro-life constituents!  Please call her and urge her to vote NO on SB 24.  916-319-2074
If you live in Orange County please call her local number 949-251-0074 or visit her office in Irvine. 

Call Democrat Assembly Member Eduardo Garcia from Imperial Valley.  He has a pro-abortion voting record, but represents a pro-life region of our state.  He needs to hear from pro-life constituents! Please call him and urge him to vote NO on SB 24!  916-319-2056
If you live in Imperial Valley, please call his local number 760-347-2360 or visit his office in Coachella. 

3.  Schedule a meeting with your Assembly Member and urge them to vote No on SB 24! The next vote on SB 24 will be in the Assembly Appropriations Committee by the end of August and then the Assembly Floor vote will be sometime before September 13th.  Find out who your Assembly Member is at this link.   Use our Californians for Life Letter of Opposition to SB 24 as background to prepare for your meeting. Ask your Pastor/Priest to lead a group of people, or go alone, if necessary. It is very important to meet with your Assembly Member!   Share this information with your Assembly Member and their staff!  Find your Assembly Member’s voting record on abortion at this VoteSmart website.  We cannot complain if we haven’t taken this important step to meet with our Assembly Member.

– from Californians for Life Aug. 26 newsletter