By Father Joe Kim, Director of Vocations and Seminarians

Last September, the Diocese of San Jose Vocations Office conducted a survey of 1,178 Catholic high school and Catholic college students in our Diocese. The results are helping to shape our diocesan plan for promotion of vocations to the priesthood and religious life. The main conclusion is that young people cannot imagine life as a priest or religious.

Although over 95 percent have a desire to do something great with their life however difficult, only 1.9 percent of young men say they would seriously consider priesthood and 0.9 percent of young women say they would seriously consider religious life. All would encourage a friend who is seeking a vocation, but the youth respondents struggled to understand why a young person would consider a vocation at all. When asked why someone would become a priest the most common response was “to serve God.”

Given that our diocese needs to ordain 45 new priests in the next 14 years just to cover for retirement of our clergy, these conversations with young men in our local Church are particularly significant.

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