san-diego-north-ca-150x150Thanks again for all the prayer warriors who came out yesterday to the Family Planning Associates (FPA) abortion mill on Miramar road. There was a noticeable presence with ~10 – 15 warriors throughout the morning hours.

The counselors observed an  anesthesiologist arriving earlier in the morning indicating there was going to be a least one later-term abortion. The abortion doctor arrived shortly after 8 a.m. and proceeded up to the mill as usual with his bags of food for his staff. A counselor tried to engage in a conversation, telling him that Christ loved him but hated what he was doing, and that we were all praying for him to turn away from what he his work. However, he simply ignored the words and continued about his business.

The remainder of the morning was very typical but slightly less busy.  We estimate there were about 20 women with either girl friends or male companions escorting them to the mill.  Almost everyone was approached by counselors.  Some were courteous and listened briefly, took the information being handed out about the clinic and doctor, but proceeded to their appointment. Others were not as polite and simply asked to be left alone in a demanding manner.  On several occasions vehicles would pull up with rosaries hanging from the mirror, when asked if they were Christian they would simply smile and say they were here to “support their friend”, and hastily escort them up to the mill.

Later in the morning there were several women who came out the “double doors” meaning they had undergone the abortion procedure.   The counselors were able to hand the escort a card on post abortion counseling and asked them to keep it for their friend in the event they needed help. One of the male escorts who was initially unresponsive and unfriendly toward the counselor when proceeding to the mill, seemed concerned with his female friend upon her leaving. You could see she was not feeling well and he was stressed.  When the counselor gave the card to him with a statement that we are only here to help people, and to keep the card/information in case she needs it, he seemed appreciative.