The following comes from a March 19 LiveAction News article by Cassy Fiano:

It seems like common sense: if a baby survives an abortion, he or she should immediately be given medical care and doctors should work to save their lives. Unfortunately, this isn’t always what happens, and abortion advocates (like our own president, Barack Obama) fight fiercely against regulations protecting abortion survivors. And Planned Parenthood’s take on what to do if a baby survives an abortion and is struggling on the table, is that it should be up to the woman and her doctor — you know, the people who were just trying to kill that very same baby.

Now another radical abortion advocate is echoing that sentiment. Diana Greene Foster testified during the Senate Judiciary Hearings last week, disagreeing that a baby born alive after an abortion should receive “all available medical care for survival”…

“Just to be clear,” said U.S. Senator David Vitter (R-La.). “Nobody disagrees that a child born alive should get all available medical care for survival?”

“I do disagree,” Foster replied. “I can imagine situations where the doctors and nurses have decided that there’s not a point in medical intervention. And by whisking the baby away [to attempt treatment], you’ve taken away a woman’s chance to hold her child and say goodbye.”

“Okay, so if there is care available towards survival, you think that in some cases that care should be denied?” Vitter asked.

“I think that the law says that all– that the child has to be taken away and receive medical care if there are signs of life – which doesn’t allow for the physician or nurse, or more importantly the wishes of the family, to say that they don’t think that care is going to help in this case and that they want to be able to hold their child,” Foster said.

“And if the care could lead to survival, do you think that should be able to be denied?” Vitter asked again.

“I think that doctors and nurses and women themselves know best whether care would lead to survival,” Foster concluded. “This bill doesn’t allow that judgment to be made.”

It’s even more horrifying to know that Foster made these remarks in front of an abortion survivor, Melissa Ohden.