Last week, the Yolo County, Calif., chapter of the conservative advocacy group Moms for Liberty sued the county and two public library officials over free speech violations.

Since February, the group has reserved Yolo County public library meeting rooms five times to discuss and debate gender identity, resulting in repeated run-ins with library employees. According to the lawsuit, library employees encouraged protesters to attend the group’s meetings and looked for ways to enforce policies to make it difficult for the group to reserve rooms.

Tensions peaked in August when the Moms for Liberty chapter hosted an event to discuss college athletes who identify as the opposite sex. As 65 people filled the room, protesters heckled and shouted at speaker Sophia Lorey, a former college soccer athlete, as she began her speech.

When Lorey, who serves as the outreach director at the California Family Council, referred to males who identify as females as “men,” the library’s regional manager claimed her words violated library policy. He said if she continued to “misgender” she would need to leave the room.

When Lorey called males “men” a third time, the manager asked her to leave. Lorey stopped speaking and went to the side of the room. The manager shut down the event a few minutes later, according to the lawsuit.

“A government official shut down my freedom of speech,” Lorey said. “I was simply stating biological facts. … I was shocked and not really sure what to do in the moment….”

From World Magazine