The Roman Catholic Diocese of Sacramento, along with the other 11 dioceses in California, will be subpoenaed for additional records as the state attorney general continues to investigate whether dioceses complied with mandatory reporting requirements.

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra announced in May he would investigate all of California’s Roman Catholic dioceses to ensure that church officials followed state law and reported sexual misconduct allegations to law enforcement.

The announcement of that investigation came after Becerra’s office began requesting that victims of clergy sex abuse submit complaints to his office last year.

The Sacramento diocese, along with five other dioceses, began voluntarily turning over records to the state agency in May, according to Bishop Jaime Soto in a statement Friday.

“We share the attorney general’s desire to conduct a thorough examination of the practices and procedures that seek to protect the children entrusted to our schools, churches and programs,” Soto stated.

Last week, the attorney general’s office told the Sacramento diocese that it would issue subpoenas for additional records, according to Soto….

The above comes from a Dec. 10 story in the Sacramento Bee.

Will Becerra follow the example of the May, 2019 raid on the Dallas chancery by cops in masks and SWAT gear?