The International Catholic Legislators Network, founded in 2010 to bring Catholic and other Christian elected leaders together, has opened up its courses for this spring to the general public.

The Origins of Totalitarianism and its Revival Today (detailed information and registration: – starts April 7th)

Despite remarkable advances in the area of fundamental rights, democracy and the rule of law, we see a worrying and steady rise in totalitarian regimes, movements and ideologies around the world and on every continent. This course explores how both soft and hard totalitarian movements are brought about and function, whilst also studying what history can teach us about bringing them to an end.

Understanding Human Dignity and Applying Human Rights (detailed information and registration: – starts April 8th)

This course provides a detailed insight into the key international human rights institutions and instruments such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and various other United Nations and regional (AU, EU and OAS) treaties and how they apply. The course aims to give especially those working in and for public office a better grasp of the human rights landscape and help them navigate it’s oftentimes treacherous waters.

In Search of the History and Reality of Islam (detailed information and registration: – starts April 20th)

The dialogue between Christianity and Islam is much spoken about today, yet the public statements and policies provided by political and church leaders surrounding this challenging topic are often hampered by a lack of understanding about the reality of (Political) Islam. This course provides factual and unbiased insights into its history, practices and way of thinking by a Catholic scholar born and raised in the Middle East.

The above comes from a March 25 email sent by the International Catholic Legislators Network.