Dear Pro-life friends,

A young woman arrived in front of Planned Parenthood with a slightly older woman who appeared to be a friend or co-worker. The counselor attempted to give some literature to the young woman, who ignored him and started to walk past the entrance, not paying attention to where the door to the abortion center was. Her friend, who was the driver, took the brochure and immediately put it in the hands of the young woman, saying “See… read this” as they walked toward the door. Her tone of voice indicated that she did not want her younger friend to have the abortion.
About 45 minutes later they came out separately, a minute or so apart, and headed toward their car. A few minutes later the car stopped at the driveway while a group of people were beginning to gather for a prayer vigil. The driver had the passenger window rolled down and told the counselor “ Your literature worked!”. The counselor walked over to the open window where the young woman was sitting and asked “Did you change your mind?”. With her face mask still on, she nodded and the driver said with a smile “She’s not having the abortion!”
The counselor looked at the young woman and said “God bless you!” while similar blessings could be heard from the people gathering nearby. A few minutes later about 25 people began praying the Rosary in thanksgiving for the woman’s choice to save her baby, and for the protection of the other women entering the abortion center that morning.
Over the next hour, the occasional angry shouts and insults that came from cars passing by seemed hardly noticeable, drowned out by the joyous prayers for a baby whose life had just been saved.
Please remember this woman and her baby in your prayers. God is good!
God bless,
The Sidewalk Counselors of Helpers of God’s Precious Infants San Diego