The following email was sent to Cal Catholic on February 21 by Kimberly Brehme.

Calling all Catholics!

I know some kids who go to St. Genevieve High School in Panorama City, and that Catholic high school is staging the  vulgar musical play Cabaret this spring.  This hits too close to home.  That’s why I can’t stand by while that school makes a shipwreck out of our children’s faith, and by extension, of the future of the Church. We need to fight the moral decay in our culture, but we can’t do it if we have the same issues within our own Church.

However, you have an opportunity to make a huge difference right here locally.  We Catholics need to unite in taking back our liberalized Catholic schools.  They are disinheriting our children of the truth.  This affects our Catholic culture at large, whether kids are homeschooled, public schooled, or attend a Catholic school.   Our kids are being fed poison, and we know poison in, poison out.

About Cabaret, if you are not familiar with the play, see below.  First, though, you should know the plays put on by St. Genevieve are lavish, complete with full sets, beautiful costumes, professional choreography and choral training, and live music.

Abominable that a Catholic high school would dare to have this play, would subject these children to performing acts of grave indecency, immodesty, immorality, and homosexual behavior on the stage. This is the first Catholic high school to attempt this lewd play. Antelope Valley (public) high school tried to put on this play, but the community protested, and it was pulled.  We can do it too.

Call and/or email the priest in charge of the school and tell him you want him to order the school to stop!  Call the school, too! Our Church is one body of Christ, and each of us members.  If one suffers, we all do. We cannot stand by and allow these children to be scandalized by their teachers.

Please send this out to others in your address book and may God bless you for taking the time to do this,

Kimberly Brehme

“Rise, then, for this is your duty! We will stand by you, so have courage and take action!” Ezra 10:4

St. Genevieve contact information:

Fr. Alden J. Sison 818-894-2261, ext. 111; write to him at (ask that the email be forwarded to him)

High School (818) 894-6417

13967 Roscoe Blvd.

Panorama City, CA 91402

Director Nain Doporto: ext. 306

Performing Arts Music Director Allan Shatkin: ext. 123

Performing Arts Vocal Director Rose Corpuz: ext. 124

Principal Dan Horn: ext 0


The following summary was attached to the email:

Cabaret is set in 1930 Berlin, Germany, at the time of the Nazi rise to power. It takes place in a cabaret, which is an ultra sleazy bar with girly entertainment (scantily clad), hosted by a cross-dressing debauched emcee who at one point sings and dances with two women: “We switch partners daily to play as we please. Twosie beats onsie, but nothing beats threes. (One) sleeps in the middle, (one’s) left and (one’s) right, but there’s room on the bottom if you drop in some night!” Each table in the cabaret has a telephone so customers can call each other, and they do: women call men, men call women, and men call men. More than one man tries to hit on the main male character, Cliff, and many allusions are made to a past homosexual encounter with him. Another setting is Cliff’s residence, a room for let, where another resident is a prostitute with multiple sailor clients, sometimes several in her room together. The primary female role, the lead entertainer at Cabaret, leaves her live-in lover for Cliff the day he arrives, moves in with him, gets pregnant, has an abortion, then leaves him for her old partner again at the end. It is reported that in the play she kisses multiple men. The only bad guys are the Nazis – immorality is fun.