The following review by Msgr. Charles Pope appeared September 24 on the Washington, D.C. archdiocese website.

I was very pleased last week to get a copy of Ralph Martin’s new book Will Many Be Saved? The subtitle of the book is What Vatican II Actually Teaches and Its Implications for the New Evangelization.

As the title suggests Ralph Martin explores the modern struggles related to evangelization, showing how many of these difficulties are related to the flawed interpretation of The Second Vatican Council. Critical to the question is the understanding of the Council document Lumen Gentium, in particular L.G. # 16 which deals with the possibility of those who have not explicitly accepted Christ, being saved.

We have discussed before on this blog that one of the chief problems of our modern age is that very few consider the teaching on a hell to be a practical reality. Most today simply presume that the vast majority of people on the planet will be saved, ultimately, no matter what. I have argued, that this position is not only non-biblical, but it also offends against human freedom by rendering our decisions ultimately meaningless, in terms of our destiny.

The practical universal salvation of souls held by most today is ultimately rooted in the dismissal of the biblical teaching of judgment and Hell as simply untenable to modern thought. “How could an all-loving God send anyone to Hell?” goes the modern thinking. Never mind that no one spoke of hell more than Jesus Christ, and no one warned of judgement more vividly than He, who is love itself. The fact is, most Catholics feel very comfortable, and very confident, in simply dismissing Hell is a plausible reality for the vast majority of the human family….

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