latin-mass-photo-4The following comes from a December 21 Liturgy Guy blog post:

In the last two weeks I have met families who drive over three hours round trip to attend a Sunday Latin Mass.  I know of others who travel even further than that to occasionally attend.  Anyone who consistently assists at the Traditional Latin Mass knows how common it is for people to drive upwards of an hour every week to go to Mass.

Now contrast this with a statistic we are all too familiar with:  only 24% of self-identifying Catholics attend Mass weekly. In other words, nearly eight of ten Catholics skip Mass, even though there are over 17,000 parishes in the United States. Despite most mid to large cities having multiple parishes, over 75% Catholics choose not to make the ten minute drive to go to Church on Sunday.

All of these factors help direct us towards God, foster humility, engage the senses, and deepen our love for Jesus and His Real Presence in the Eucharist.

Understanding the why of the Latin Mass, now more of the discussion needs to turn towards the what and the logistical how of this extraordinary weekly occurrence. In other words, people should honestly ask themselves:

Why would anyone drive 2 hours one way just to go to Mass, particularly if there are many other parishes closer?

Conversely, the question needs to be asked:

Why do a vast majority of Catholics stay home every Sunday when going to Church has been made so convenient by proximity and Mass times?