Report from the third week of March, 2017

We are halfway the Spring campaign of 40 Days for Life. Prayers on abortion day really do make a difference. Last week at FPA on Tuesday, which is surgical abortion day, 4 women who had appointments at FPA walked out and went into Turning Point Pregnancy Resource Center, which is located next door to the abortion clinic.

Two of the women had medical situations and were referred to medical professionals. A third woman asked if she could come into Turning Point without an appointment, and was welcomed in, given a pregnancy test, and will be returning for an ultrasound.

The fourth woman was about to have an abortion at FPA, but wasn’t sure, and walked out. She saw the pregnancy resource center next door, and walked in. After receiving counseling and medical services, she has decided to keep her baby!

Please keep up the prayers. For those of you praying at Family Planning Associates on Miramar Road, we have signs out in front of the clinic on Tuesday mornings (surgical abortions), Thursday mornings (chemical abortions), and Saturdays, for those people who want to support public witness with their prayers, but can’t make it during the week. 

Your prayers are making a difference. See the links below for locations.

San Diego

El Cajon

Chula Vista



– the sidewalk counselors of Helpers of God’s Precious Infants San Diego