….Proponents of Proposition 1 have said the intention was only to preserve the status quo. But in various committee hearings, supporters at times seemed confused by the language of their own bill and scrambled to answer definitively when asked whether the amendment would preserve the viability limit or discard it.

But physicians involved in drafting the amendment, like Dr. Pratima Gupta, said no mistake was made: The word viability was left out on purpose….

Abortion opponents argue that if California follows suit, it will be a free-for-all, with women lining up for abortions when they’re eight months pregnant.

“We already currently have abortion up to 24 weeks. Why do we need to push it beyond that?” says Jonathan Keller, president and CEO of the California Family Council, a religious nonprofit. “Aren’t we able to say that that is a step too far, even for California?”

….Still, even in California, which positions itself as an abortion sanctuary, voters become more uncomfortable with the procedure the later a pregnancy gets. An August poll found that only 13% of likely voters said they were OK with abortion through the third trimester….

The above comes from an Oct. 24 story on KPBS.