The following is an email exchange initiated by a California diocese official (B.) with a lay Catholic man, also in California (A.).

Sept 12

Hi A.,
Our phone tag has been going on for so long that I can’t remember who is it.  I do thank for returning my calls over the last few weeks.
All kidding aside, Sr. Helen Prejean would have some time to meet with you on the afternoon of Monday, October 1st.   Would you have time to meet with Sr. Helen and an interest in discussing possible support for the “Yes on Proposition 34” Campaign?  If so, please let me know, and I’ll have the campaign set up a meeting.
Attached is Bishop C. ‘s [a California ordinary] Op-Ed on the Prop. 34 campaign.  I thought you might like to have a copy.

Sept 12

Dear B.,
I’m sorry if the missed phone calls are my fault.
To be honest, I don’t think meeting with me re Prop. 34 is a good use of your and Sister Prejean’s time.
Plus, for Catholics, especially the official Church, working with the ACLU is as odious as joining with the Nazi party or KKK on a project, no matter how admirable the project.

Sept 12

Thanks, A.,
I’ll let the group know.

Sept 14

Dear B.,
Sorry my reply was brief.

 I realized later you may not know some of the actions of the ACLU that make them comparable to the Nazis or KKK. And why I have to decline to meet with you and Sister Prejean on behalf of this ACLU death penalty project.
(I would be uncomfortable joining with Nazis or KKK if they wanted to work together on parental notification or a fetal pain initiative.)
Here is a little background:
1.  The ACLU is Planned Parenthood’s partner and aggressive legal thug in eradicating any old laws and blocking new laws protecting conscience rights, “religious freedom”, marriage, unborn babies, minor children, and non-secular education in the USA and especially in California.
e.g. ACLU teamed with Planned Parenthood to form The Committee to Defend Reproductive Rights (CDRR) which led the campaign to provide virtually unrestricted California taxpayer funding for any abortions in California – without any residence, age, or means testing.  This law makes no exceptions and requires Catholic bishops, priests, and lay people to be fiscal accomplices in abortion.  The Hyde Amendment and all similar federal restrictions on abortion funding have had no effect in California.  This has caused California to have the most of the taxpayer funded abortions in the USA — far more than all other 49 states combined!
About 1/4 of all the abortions in the USA are in California which has about 1/8 of the US population.  The California rate is about twice the rate in the rest of the USA.  Millions of taxpayer funded, “free”, pre-natal murders are particularly targeted at poor, young Latinas and Blacks in California.
2.  ACLU + PP = CDRR litigated for 10 years to permanently block California’s Parental Consent law which was passed in 1987.
3.  ACLU + PP campaigned against and litigated against the Parental Notification Propositions 73 (2005), 85 (2006) and 4 (2008)
4.  ACLU + PP has constantly fought to allow the sexual exploitation of young children by providing them with secret taxpayer funded “free” birth control drugs and devices behind parents’ backs.
5.  ACLU + PP has fought to effective block parents from protecting their young children from immoral and even pornographic sex education programs in California schools. This has led the corruption and destruction of California young people as evidenced by the high rates of STIs, pregnancies and abortions among California children, especially Latino and Black minorities.
6.  ACLU defends pornography which damages young people, marriage, and families.
7.  ACLU fights to purge religion, prayer, and religious symbols from all aspects of public life.

In short: ACLU is the strongest and most effective enemy of the Catholic Church and Christianity and Christian morality and the most effective promoter of a Culture of Death in the California and the USA.