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Editor’s note: Linda Gibbons has been in prison since an August 7 arrest in Toronto while she witnessed to life outside an abortion facility protected by an injunction. Her case goes to trial November 12.

My intention is not an apology for the reason, cause or purpose I engage in civil disobedience against injunctions in place at these death mills; I’ve written on that previously. My presence is more than a challenge to unjust laws. My presence is a response to a distinctive human cry: the cry of Canada’s aborted unborn.

The courts have not responded to that silent cry. Currently, the killing of one in four children continues unabated.

Neither have the majority of Canadian parliamentarians shed tears over lives lost to abortion. Instead, they have unequivocally condoned the killing and compelled a tranquilized populace into paying for it.

When the social messaging regarding inconvenient or complicated pregnancies is “try again next time” or “better off dead,” it’s not a statement of the human condition but rather of cultural conditioning that implies some lives are unworthy of living. It begs the question: How much is a life worth? Unborn lives then become commodified and put on a sliding scale of values; ignored are the deliberate crimes against Canada’s own children.

What then should be a human response to the senseless attacks against babes in the womb? Essentially, the answer for me is simply to be there as one human being recognizes the endangered life of another, and to act in his or her defense. My presence is a plea for each child in jeopardy of being killed and the pamphlets I carry bear witness to the incontrovertible evidence of a child’s earliest existence, evidence denied them in the mill.

My presence is to plead for the living and to pray for the dying….

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