On his first day in office, January 20, 2021, President Biden issued the executive order “Preventing and Combatting Discrimination on the Basis of Gender Identity or Sexual Orientation.” Immediately, this directive set in motion the same overreaching gender policies of the Obama Administration, particularly their foundational principle: any attempt by governments, institutions, or individuals to define gender identity biologically is a form of oppression and discrimination. Stated differently: this asserts that defining sex and gender as real, that is, as stable, binary and biologically based, only serves to entrap and victimize persons with gender dysphoria….

Despite the darkness of the tyranny of sex denialism, is there light at the end of this transgender tunnel? The truth is that light will only begin to dawn when people recognize that sex and gender are demonstrably real….

[Here are some who have fought against this tyranny:]

Persons who have de-transitioned are often dedicated to lighting the way towards appropriate treatment for others who are gender-confused. Keira Bell is a perfect example. She “transitioned” to the male sex and now, with her body and psyche bearing the wounds of puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones, is trying to live as God created her, a female. She launched her UK legal case (Bell v. Tavistock) because she felt she had made a “brash decision as a teenager, as a lot of teenagers do” and “couldn’t sit by while so many others made the same mistake.” Since the trial, she has been contacted by many other young women with similar stories. She does not see restrictions on prescribing puberty-blocking drugs as an end in itself, but the beginning of a move towards proper, in-depth psychological counseling for gender-questioning young people. “They need proper mental health support,” Keira contends. “I just wish someone had analyzed my situation and the problems I had without changing my body. My body was fine.”

Some doctors, particularly pediatricians, are refusing to buckle under socially coercive gender identity guidelines from their respective professional medical accrediting organizations (American Academy of Pediatricians; American Medical Association; American Psychiatric Association, and Pediatric Endocrine Society). They’re “standing up for the empirical reality of sex” as they explain to their gender dysphoric patients and their parents they cannot, in good conscience, provide or refer for so-called gender confirming treatment since its serious risks, ineffectiveness, and irreversibility constitute physical, psychological and spiritual harm.

Academic scientists, repudiating the pretense that sex isn’t real and, refusing to write their university’s gender diversity, inclusion and equity statements, have left their bench research and found non-academic platforms. There, by pen and podium, they can freely reach both their fellow-academicians and the general public to shine light on the tragic consequences of the pseudo-science of sex denialism, not only for biological research, science, medicine, and education, but for every human being in their everyday interpersonal encounters.

Parents, like awakened sleeping giants, have mobilized to protest the malignant inclusion of critical gender theory in their children’s education from kindergarten to high school, and to its infection in their local libraries where drag queens and kings brainwash 3-5 year olds with the notion they can choose to be any gender that suits them.

Feminist organizations such as Women’s Liberation Front and Women’s Declaration International are working to restore the rights of women and girls. First, by defending sex-segregated domestic violence shelters affecting the most consistently vulnerable, impoverished, and abused women. Secondby defending the sex segregation of women’s sports, bathrooms, locker rooms, and prisons. And, thirdby supporting females who have de-transitioned in their struggle to be healed and heard.

State legislators, like those of Iowa, are passing laws barring the participation of biological males from female sports, as well as enacting statutes, like the one in Florida, prohibiting LGBTQ topics for kindergarteners through third graders.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott directed the state to investigate whether some “transitioning” procedures on gender dysphoric children should be legally banned since they constitute child abuse. Following an affirmative verdict, Texas Children’s Hospital, America’s biggest pediatric facility, announced it will stop performing “gender-confirming therapies” for children. Following the sage decision of the prestigious Karolinska hospital in Sweden, and a similar cancellation of gender affirmation treatment for children in a major med center in Finland.

A cluster of Catholic bishops, including Bishop John Doerfler (Diocese of Marquette, Michigan); Bishop Michael Burbidge (Diocese of Arlington, Virginia),and Archbishop Jerome Listecki (Archdiocese of Milwaukee), have published pastoral directives recommending, on the one hand, sensitive and respectful psychotherapy to help gender dysphoric children, adolescents, and adults identify the etiology and possible cure for their gender discordance. And, on the other, condemning the affirmative approach to, and administration of, poorly researched “gender transition” treatment as it ignores data from evidence-based medicine and research demonstrating its ineffectiveness, irreversibility, and harm.

The above comes from a March 22 story in Catholic World Report.