990260f1beb6317bcc6b4e2b90c3d31f21d548d3The following comes from a June 1 post on the website for the Sacramento chapter of the Helpers of God’s Most Precious Infants:

Today I pose a question that has been asked of me by women who have experienced the agony of an abortion.

“Where were all you Christians as I prayed for a “sign” from God on the day of my abortion?”, they asked.

This question has haunted me for sometime now, since I too am guilty of being one of those self-proclaimed Christians who identifies as being pro-life sipping coffee from the comfort of my living room on abortion day, while babies are being slaughtered by the millions, but was too busy, absorbed in my “selfie” world, too apathetic to take any action to intervene.

How could “moi” possibly carve out time to go to an abortion center to pray and reach out to one woman?

No, I told myself I do not have the time. I was too busy spending countless wasted hours surfing on the internet, , chattering endlessly on the phone about nothing, and of course all the needless shopping at the local mall. And then there was Catholic radio I had to listen to and all my church activities I needed to attend and the list goes on and on…

Women have shared with me that as a young woman on the day of their abortion they had actually pleaded for a visible sign from God, an outward message to prevent them from pursuing this action.

Do you think that one peaceful, prayerful person praying in front of an abortion center on the day of her abortion may have been the sign she had been looking for?

Women who have suffered the agony of an abortion decades later share the pain that no one was there to reach out to them on the day of their abortion.

The women share that perhaps, with encouragement, information and support they may have chosen life.

Many women share they were under enormous pressure from their parents and boyfriends to get rid of the problem so that they could move on with their lives. . Many were ignorant and believed “it” was only tissue. Many were in darkness about this decision because it was never preached about from the pulpit. Many were abandoned to face this decision alone without any compassion or emotional support. Many women were sincerely crying out for help, but there were no Christians to console them on that tragic day.

Many women share the sadness of the anniversary date of their abortion and how old their child would have been had they lived. They share the grief of seeing one less person at the dinner table on Christmas day and grieve their anniversary due date. They share the loneliness of old age and not having any children to share their lives with.

I believe that we should reach out to pregnant women in time of need, just like Mary did for her cousin Elizabeth who was pregnant with child.

I believe that defending the unborn should not be one of many issues as Christians we should be concerned about.

It is the issue.

We are living in an abortion holocaust. The blood from the abortion centers is flowing through our streets throughout every city in America. The blood of these innocent babies is on our hands. Nearly 60 million surgical abortions, not counting the pill abortions that kill life just the same.

Can we continue to ignore the tiny screams as they are suctioned to death, dismembered, ripped from limb to limb, or stabbed to death in the head brutally seconds before delivery?

We will never know how many countless babies may have been rescued had one prayerful Christian made the sacrifice to come out to pray at the sidewalk….

We will never know how many women would have been spared the bloodbath of abortion.

God have mercy on those of us who call ourselves Christians and do not come to the assistance of pregnant women and defenseless babies in the womb.

If we Christians do not come out to pray, who will?

Will you be a Helper of God’s Precious Infants? Please volunteer to pray at your local abortion center.

Please e-mail sanctamaria3@yahoo.com if you live in the Sacramento area and would like to come out to pray or be a spiritual supporter at home.