…After its opening ceremonies July 17, the Eucharistic Congress will take on a daily schedule familiar to Catholics who have attended large Catholic gatherings, including World Youth Day.

An English-language Mass will be offered each morning in Lucas Oil Stadium, and other liturgies will be offered at the same time, in other large gathering places, one in Spanish, and one following the Congress’ “Youth Track.”

Each day, there will be “breakout” and “impact” sessions, exhibitors and displays, catecheses, adoration, and confessions — lots of confession will be available at Congress sites.

And on two Congress afternoons, there will be additional Masses organized by the Congress, and held in convention center spaces, or local parishes.

According to a liturgy schedule sent by organizers to The Pillar, two of those Masses will be offered according to the 1962 Roman Missal — “Traditional Latin Masses.”

One of these will be offered by Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone and the other offered by an Indianapolis priest, the pastor of the personal parish where the Masses will be held, about a mile from Lucas Oil Stadium — and where Traditional Latin Masses are regularly held, with permission of Archbishop Charles Thompson….

Attendance is especially likely to be boosted because of rumors — which The Pillar has not verified — spreading through traditionalist communities around the world, which suggest that the Vatican will impose new restrictions on the Traditional Latin Mass on July 19, the same day as one of the officially scheduled Congress TLMs.

But the church where the TLMs in Indianapolis are scheduled, built by Italian immigrants, fits only 400 people, making it among the smaller liturgical venues in use at the Congress.

While the Congress reportedly plans to install a tent outside the church for extra seating, if more than 400 Catholics show up to the liturgies, it’s not clear exactly how they might react to the prospect of not getting a seat inside….

From The Pillar