The following comes from a May 2 email from the sidewalk counselors of Helpers of God’s Precious Infants San Diego:

Dear Pro-life Friends,

Thank you to the many who came out to pray and sacrifice this first Saturday at a busy Family Planning Associates. The power of prayer was clearly demonstrated as one couple that we know of left choosing not to go through with the abortion.

One of the counselors approached this couple at the elevator as they were about to go up to the abortion clinic. The counselor tried to tell them they were loved and about the medical record of the doctor. It was difficult because there were opposing voices talking over the counselor. Nevertheless, the man told the counselor twice that they were just there to get information. He seemed rather stern and the woman seemed scared and gave the counselor a look as though she did not want to be there.

The woman sat on the balcony refusing to go into Family Planning Associates, while the husband kept going in and out of the building and at one point could be seen with paperwork. The woman did not fill out the paperwork and it appeared she was arguing with her husband. While they were on the balcony one of the sidewalk counselors suggested to pray a novena of the Memorare, also known as Blessed Mother Teresa’s emergency novena. Many of the sidewalk counselors began to pray.

Soon after they came down from the balcony and left. The husband was visibly irritated, walking apart from his wife. This enabled another counselor to give her a Culture of Life Family Services card and encourage her to call and have an ultrasound. She smiled and accepted the card, and they both left.

There was also a young couple who came early to Family Planning Associates and one of the counselors talked to them about the medical record of the place and offered them information on Culture of Life. Another counselor talked to them also. It appeared that the woman had a drink with her, indicating it was unlikely that she would have a surgical procedure. They remained at the abortion clinic for only a short time, maybe 20 minutes. When they left, the counselor talked to them in their car and the woman was reading information that the counselor gave them. She told the counselor she was not pregnant. Please pray for this couple.

There were many couples who were at Family Planning Associates for various reasons other than a surgical abortion because they did not come out of the surgical recovery doors when they left. The counselors did the best they could to offer them information on abortion-pill reversal and to offer them information about Culture of Life Family Services.

Please remember all of these women in your prayers.