The following comes from a June 8 post by the Helpers of Gods Precious Infants Sacramento:

Today surprisingly a young Planned Parenthood worker who has snubbed me countless times with dirty looks opened up her heart after I greeted her for the upteenth time.

I greeted her with a smile and ” hope you had a great lunch” conversation opener.

And it finally worked. My prayers were answered.

The worker smiled at me for the first time ever.

I was shocked!

I couldn’t believe my eyes!

In fact she even spoke to me.

“Not enough time to run all my errands, have lunch with my kids etc.,” she explained from a distance.

We chatted briefly, while she shared a little bit about her children.

We connected woman to woman, both agreeing that it is sad to see these young women having to face an unwanted pregnancy. I shared that I am here not to judge, but to offer support and an alternative to abortion.

I asked her how many children she had.

“Oh, I have three children and one of them is older and he was baptized as a baby. My younger two children have never been baptized and for some reason lately I have felt a desire to have them baptized. So I’m making plans to have the little ones baptized.”

“Wow, you are a great mom to do this for your children,” I said. I admitted that I too, had waited a while before I eventually got my youngest son baptized.

At this point, I generally offer a holy rosary but I forgot.

She then walks over closer to me and requests a rosary for herself.

I can’t take full credit for this change, but it some small way I believe God was revealing to me that our prayers are being answered.

I am delighted and know that even though the physical life of a baby was not saved today, God is truly saving souls.