On this, the feast day of St. Valentine, we had a miraculous save at Family Planning Associates. A young
 woman pulled up alone in a cab this morning and was immediately greeted by one of
 the counselors.  She spoke only Spanish, and thanks be to God, this counselor spoke
 Spanish also.  As the cab pulled away, the counselor talked to the woman about 
the medical problems at Family Planning Associates.  She told the counselor she was there to get “cleaned 
out” because she had a four month old baby at home and the delivery was a C-section.


Soon after, another counselor came over to offer support and perhaps a ride to 
Culture of Life Family Services.  They all spoke for some time and it was not completely clear if she was 
even pregnant.  Nonetheless, the counselors urged her to go to the crisis pregnancy center.  She was very 
concerned about Family Planning Associates. One of the counselors called Culture of Life Family Services and told the young woman
 that there would be a doctor for her to see today.  She was interested in going 
to the center, but was unsure because she came in a cab.

The counselors offered to pay 
for a cab to get her there, or to drive her in their car.  She remained hesitant.
 Soon after, a prayer warrior was waved over.  She had a rose in her hand and gave 
it the young woman.  After much conversation she agreed to go with one of the counselors 
to Culture of Life Family Services. The young woman said she was afraid of being kidnapped and the counselors 
assured her that they helped other women with their babies.  Right as she was at
 the counselor’s car, she stopped and said that she wanted an abortion and her mind
 was made up.

The prayer warrior telephoned one of the girls we counseled some time 
ago that saved her baby, and the girl talked to the woman here in Spanish.  However,
 after much conversation, she again made up her mind.  She tried to give the rose 
back to the prayer warrior, but she wanted her to have it.  One of the counselors
 gave her a beautiful Rosary and told her that if she felt one little tug at her 
heart to leave Family Planning Associates, then she should leave and the counselor would be waiting for
her.  She went into the abortion clinic.

The morning was drawing to a close and the counselors were leaving just as a priest
 with about 6 young people arrived.  They knelt on the lawn by the sidewalk and began
 praying the Rosary.  The prayer warrior who had talked to the woman with the counselors 
remained behind, but told The Lord that she could only stay for five more minutes. 
Within a minute, the young woman came out of Family Planning Associates onto the balcony.

The prayer 
warrior ran up to talk to her, but lost track of her.  She then spotted her near
 the pyramid building.  She ran down and again lost track of her.  The woman was
 very close to Miramar Road when the prayer warrior finally caught up to her.  She
 hugged her and told her that she would take her home.  The prayer warriors’ husband 
drove up, and they confirmed to this young woman that they would help her.  The 
prayer warrior took her to get something to eat, and then the woman said she wanted 
to go to Culture of Life Family Services.

At the center, it was determined that she was 7 weeks pregnant (Family Planning Associates 
said she was 5 weeks) and everything looked good.  This young woman knew it was 
wrong to kill her baby but she felt that she would not be able to support it.  She
 was assured that she would get help.  The prayer warrior stayed with her and drove 
her back to Mexico.  God Bless this prayer warrior!  Please pray for “S”, a very 
sweet soul whose heart was open to all of your prayers, who listened to the still, 
soft voice of God.


The story comes from a email sent by the Helpers of God’s Precious Infants.