unnamed-15The following comes from an October 15 email from Helpers of God’s Precious Infants San Diego:

Family Planning Associates, Miramar Road – Saturday, October 10

What? What??!! What’s THAT up there??!!!, shouted one of the escorts, pointing to the second floor of the building. The yellow-shirt escorts gasped in disbelief as they looked toward the large sign on the outside of the building that read “PREGNANCY RESOURCE CENTER”, located next door to Family Planning Associates. This new tenant in the building is not just near the abortion center…it is in the adjacent suite.

Three of the escorts huddled together staring up at the sign, as if in shock. The guard walked out from where she was standing in front of the building and stood with the yellow-shirts, also staring back at the building in bewilderment. The guard went upstairs and looked into the windows trying to figure out what was going on, while we heard one of the older escorts telling the others that this is Turning Point, which is located in Mira Mesa (correction, WAS located in Mira Mesa…they’re here now).

unnamed-16Turning Point Pregnancy Resource Center is a licensed medical clinic, and will be offering free medical grade pregnancy tests and ultrasounds, as well as counseling and other free services to help women in a crisis pregnancy. Their move-in is nearly complete, and they will be open for business on Saturday, October 24.

This will be a game changer. Never before have we had this much of a concerted effort going on in front of an abortion clinic to save lives. We have 40 Days for Life with dozens of people praying on the sidewalk, we have sidewalk counselors busy in the parking lot, and now we will have life-saving free ultrasounds less that a dozen steps away from the front door to the abortion clinic. It’s hard to not call this a miracle.

Please pray for the success of Turning Point Pregnancy Resource Center at its new location.

Earlier in the morning before the first escort arrived, a young woman walked up into Family Planning Associates to make an appointment, and came back out about 15 minutes later. One of the counselors talked to her on the way out, and explained the recent incident where a woman was injured at Family Planning Associates and had to be transported to the hospital. The counselor told her about the regrets she would always have if she went through with an abortion, and that she would never regret giving life to her unborn baby. The counselor gave her information about Culture of Life Family Services, where she could see a doctor for free, and have a free ultrasound. After some discussion, the woman said she would not be returning, and would call Culture of Life Family Services instead. Please pray that this woman continues to choose life.