crusadesThe following comes from a July 31 email from a Cal Catholic reader.

In popular imagination the Crusades were an exercise in the brutal and intolerant colonization of the peaceful people of Islamic Palestine by savage French knights determined to enrich themselves.  In purpose and in action, however, the Crusades were something very different.

This lecture will help Catholics understand what the Crusades really were and also help them defend the Church against the charge that Catholic should apologize for this sometimes glorious and sometimes tragic moment in the history of Christendom.

Sunday, August 3 – 9:30am
Santa Sophia
9800 San Juan Street
Spring Valley, CA 91977

Monday, August 4 – 7:00pm
Our Lady of Grace Parish
2766 Navajo Road
El Cajon, CA 92020

Saturday, September 6 – 9:00 am
Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina
1380 Harbor Island Drive
San Diego, CA 92101


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