The following comes from a survey published by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops on April 7.

Prayer Practices
Seven in ten responding ordinands (70 percent) regularly prayed the rosary and participated in Eucharistic Adoration before entering the seminary.

Did you participate in any of these prayer practices or groups on a regular basis before entering the seminary?

Rosary 70%
Eucharistic Adoration 70
Prayer group/Bible study 47
High School Retreats 39
Lectio Divina 33
College Retreats 30

Parish ministries
Most ordinands participated in one or more liturgical ministries in the parish before entering the seminary. Eight in ten were altar servers.

Altar server 78%
Lector 51
Extraordinary minister of Holy Communion 46
Catechist 37
Campus ministry/Youth ministry 32
Confirmation sponsor/godfather 32
Cantor or music minister 22
RCIA team member/sponsor 14
Usher/minister of hospitality 13
Liturgy committee member 10
Parish pastoral council member 8
Full-time parish/diocesan employee 6

Almost all ordinands in the Class of 2015 (96 percent) have at least one sibling.

5 or more siblings 22%
4 siblings 8
3 siblings 24
2 siblings 21
1 sibling 22
No siblings 4