This photo shows San Bernardino Auxiliary Bishop Rutilio del Riego blessing a handful of men; the photo was under a headline: “Catholics Care, Catholics Vote.”  The story with the headline and photo appeared in the September 2012 edition of the San Bernardino diocesan paper, the BYTE.  The photo comes from a media event jointly staged with the Diocese and two political organizations.

In the story it says “As we approach the November elections, Inland Congregations United for change and Mi Familia Vota, have made themselves available to train parish leaders to conduct non-partisan voter registration drives.”

The San Bernardino BYTE failed to tell good Catholics what the two groups are really all about.

The Inland Congregations United For Change is a leftist community organization group which is part of a larger political action group called PICO CA.  They focus on the issues of immigration, gay and lesbian rights, and education. The killing of thousands of California unborn babies is not an issue of concern to them

The Mi Familia Vota organization, although they promote themselves as non-partisan, are heavily involved with the leftist labor union, SEIU, which is endorsing Obama and has a record of extreme support for abortion and Planned Parenthood.  The executive director of Mi Familia Vota is Ben Monterroso, a longtime staffer for SEIU. The SEIU actively supports the murder of unborn human beings.

Byte readers are encouraged to contact the San Bernardino diocesan Office of Social Concerns at 909-475-5465.

For further information: See BYTE story— (scroll down to bottom of page)

This just in:

A Cal Catholic reader mailed in a Diocese of San Bernadino flyer for an Oct. 3 (today) event called “Faith & Justice” at the University of Redlands.

Event headliners are Sister Helen Prejean and Magdaleno Rose-Avila.

From Magdaleno’s own website:

“The 2010 election was taken over the right wing and tea party folks and we got some very right wing and strange governors and legislators not to mention some extreme congressmen and woman and extreme senators.
This led to many laws being passed that…

b.    Infringe on the rights of a woman to protect her own body and medicines that are most appropriate…”

“Equal Marriage efforts need your support

Across this country needs some of your time, and money.  We all need to work on this issue. What is more beautiful than upholding love?  If I can get married then everyone else should have that right. Send your emails, face book or tweet others to join us and allow love to flourish


[Rose-Avila is listed on the Referendum 74 site as a supporter of this measure which “gives everyone freedom to marry.”]