The following comes from a March 22 Church Militant article by Peter O’Dwyer:

Perhaps there is nothing more inverted than Irish Catholic politicians, descended from those converted by St. Patrick, ushering in a new era of darkness for the United States. On last week’s “Mic’d Up,” Michael Voris interviewed Congressman Robert Dornan, a former U.S. representative from California who served in Congress for 20 years.

Congressman Dornan was able to push through pro-life legislation, but only with the cooperation of Catholics in the Democratic Party. But times have changed, and now Catholics in the Democratic Party are solidly anti-life:

“I had a hundred democrats voting with me. Over my 20 years it went down to 70 to 50 to 30 — and today, we have one single, solitary, Catholic pro-lifer on the Democratic side of the aisle: Danny Lipinski of Illinois. Everyone else in the Catholic party — and most of them are Irish or Polish or Italian — every Democrat in the House who’s a Catholic is for abortion.”

The Party has mutated from the relatively benign group Catholics relied on for protection into an anti-God, anti-life, cultural cancer. But the hierarchy and the Catholic political establishment have been asleep at the switch.