The following was sent to Cal Catholic on Oct. 21 by a reader.

Here is a scan of the article from the Sunday (Oct. 20) Contra Costa Times business section column called On The Move. Willie Brown, former San Francisco mayor and speaker of the state assembly in California, 1980-1995, has been named to the board of directors of Dignity Health, the new name for Catholic Healthcare West. Brown had a 100 percent pro-abortion record while in the assembly and was the one who gave the gay agenda its biggest push by pressing the Consenting Adult Sex Bill in 1974 to passage.

See also the names of the other people also newly appointed Dignity board members.  Also, if you look up this link, which connects to the online report for CNNMoney, dated January 9, 2013, you will find an expansive article on Lloyd Dean, the CEO of Dignity. Willie Brown is mentioned in this article as being one of Dean’s advisers.

From the CNN article: “‘Because of his directness, his diplomacy, his advocacy, and his fairness, he has more credibility with elected officials here than almost any other corporate executive,’ says Willie Brown, 78, former mayor of San Francisco, consummate California pol, and a Dean confidant and mentor. Dean still talks to Brown every week. One of the conditions of Dean’s investment in Prospect was that the no-tablecloths restaurant keep a tablecloth available for when he and the tablecloth-insistent Brown dine together.”