Today was Day 39 of the Spring campaign of 40 Days for Life. There were 70 to 80 prayer warriors who came at various times throughout the morning, including a large group with a priest from Our Lady of Mt. Carmel. Through the grace of the Holy Spirit and the many prayer warriors who lined the streets of Miramar Road this morning, a baby’s life was spared.

Please pray for J. and R. a young couple who came today to FPA and spoke with a counselor. The young man was very open to hearing the information, but the young woman was distracted and seemed to be intent on getting away. The counselor walked with them as they approached FPA and told them the regrets that are seen week after week at this mill, and that they could get help at Culture of Life Family Services. Once the counselor tried to show them a picture of a six week old, the woman told the counselor she was beginning to feel uncomfortable, and to please leave.

After about 15 minutes, they both came out and spoke to two counselors. The young man told the counselor they would not go through with it and needed time to think. The woman was on the phone and was crying. As tears were rolling down her cheek, she hugged the counselor and told her she was sorry she was rude when they met. She told the counselor she kept thinking of her three-year-old daughter when she was in FPA, and said to herself, “What am I doing here?” That is when she knew she needed to leave. Both counselors assured them they would get love and support at COLFS and urged them to go there. Please pray for this very special couple whose hearts were open to the grace of God’s promptings.