Arrived at 9:00 and relieved Rebecka & Ethan.
They reported ~ 4 couples and 4 singles on their shift, having engaged with several couples with one Hispanic couple (late 30’s) definitely going in for an abortion.

That same couple did exit later in the morning with the nurse escorting the wife out the door. I was able to give the husband a post-abortion card and

Bible tract as he took his wife to their car to leave. He was offered material earlier as he was in/out a few times “waiting” for his wife, but refused and didn’t want to talk.

Prayer warriors from church arriving ~10:20 to pray the Rosary….. All departed ~11:30.

Most today refused materials and didn’t want to talk, several that did take handouts, only listened for the <30 sec pitch and continued on into PP.
One friendly young man (early 30’s) who was there with a male friend came out to wait, and I was able to share the gospel with him.

He said he had a girlfriend who had had an abortion but he felt that was really wrong and didn’t want her to go through with it, “it was their responsibility”, but she had insisted etc. Anyway we had a good chat about being saved (Born Again) and that someday if he chooses to believe in and follow Christ he would see his child in heaven.

One couple (late teens) allowed me to talk with them for several minutes. They took all the material and politely listened. I tried unsuccessfully to try & convince them not to go in and to go to CAPS up on 5th Ave at 9:00. They said they were there for only a check up to see if she was pregnant, of which I told them CAPS will do that for free too.

I warned them what they’ll try and do in there if she is pregnant, that they’ll try and push an abortion on her and what the consequences will be to them both. They were polite but they just wanted to make their appointment. I was hoping they’d come back out before I left but they did not.

Another couple (early 20’s) arrived by Uber. The young girl refused & her male escort did the same but I was able to catch him quick enough to get him to turn and take the handouts in with him.

One single lady (late 20’s) was polite, took materials and said she appreciated the handouts. She went in/out several times and then was observed later in the morning walking up the street.

Pam mentioned a discussion with one woman who had a bruised face and said she had been raped several times. Pam tried to communicate the baby was innocent and that having an abortion was just going to add to her trauma. She insisted on going in.

Around 11:00, 2 couples exited with their male escorts, both women were in pain holding their stomach as they left the front door.

“We are little flames poorly sheltered by frail walls against the storm of dissolution and madness, in which we flicker and sometimes almost go out.”
– All Quiet on the Western Front, by Erich Maria Remarque